Together, at 6AM.

We are a running community accessible to all levels which aims to bring together early risers at a given meeting point once a week at a so-called social pace.

The formula is simple; you show up on site at 5:45 a.m., we warm up and we all leave together at 6:00 a.m., free of charge. Most communities end their outing in the local café to chat over a latte and a pastry.

Join the Movement

Together, at 6AM.

For almost 10 years, getting up early has been part of my daily life. Getting up early is one thing, but running or exercising before starting the day makes all the difference in my opinion. Imagine these two things, but add a community waiting for you there, every week and at the same time. A community that says yes at all levels and runs at a “social pace” leaving no one behind. This was the vision that I had almost a year ago and which, thanks to each of you, has had a positive effect on each of the communities.

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